Monday, November 4, 2013

30 Days of Remembrance- Day 7 -Abel Gallant

In memory of
Abel Gallant
who died on November 4, 1918 

Military Service:

Service Number: 4062182
Age: 25
Force: Army
Unit: Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regiment)

Additional Information:

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gallant of Kedgwick, N.B.
Cemetery: KEDGWICK (NOTRE DAME DES PRODIGES) R. C. CHYD.; New Brunswick, Canada
Grave Reference: Behind large Cross.
Commemorated on Page 412 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.

 Not everyone who died in the service of our country was killed in battle. Abel (sometimes written Abelle) Gallant never saw a battle, in fact he never even left Canada. Abel was drafted to the New Brunswick Regiment of the Canadian Infantry on Aug 26 1918 as part of the Military Service Act, which was passed in late August 1917. It made all male citizens between the ages of 20 and 45 subject to military service, if called, for the duration of the war.

Abel was 5 ' 10" with brown hair and eyes, and classified as A2
A  Able to march, see to shoot, hear well and stand active service conditions.
A1 Fit for despatching overseas, as regards physical and mental health, and training
A2 As A1, except for training

He was assigned to the 1st Depot Battalion, New Brunswick Regiment  to be trained before being sent overseas

1st Depot Battalion, NBR Background Information
Authorized by General Order 57 of 15 April 1918.
Was to provide reinforcements for the 26th Battalion and 10th Canadian Reserve Battalion through the 13th Canadian Reserve Battalion.
Commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. McAvity.
Three months later he contracted pneumonia and died on Nov 4 1918, at home in Kedgwick, N.B.


  1. Great research involving much time. Thank you! The other Abel Gallant in the Book of Remembrance is my relative so, when I saw the name pop up, I was anticipating that you were going to write about him and was disappointed to find out that this was not to be. I'm sure that the relatives of the Abel you researched will be thrilled by your findings. Thanks again

  2. Hi Chris,
    When I researched Able Gallant I was surprised to see it was a very common name and I had to sort through a few to find the correct man. I'm sorry it wasn't your relative and if I get a chance I'll have a look for yours. Do you have a date of birth?